New Balance HS77 “Dragon Boat Festival” Bespoke by Zhijun Wang

“May 5th in the lunar calendar is the Dragon Boat Festival, people race the dragon boat and eat the traditional Chinese rice-pudding for celebration. “Duan” means “initial”, “Duan Wu” is “the fifth day of a month”. According to the lunar calendar, the fifth month is the “Wu” month.

This time, I continued my creation of pyrography craftsmanship on sneaker, with the paint depiction, presented “Dragon Boat” on the New Balance HS77 to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival.

From bow to tail, all the hull of the Dragon Boat is mainly colored in blue, called “Blue Dragon”, the dragon pattern (from the toe to the upper) were inspired by this. The traditional water wave patterns (on the toe and the heel) symbolized the everlasting Chinese culture. On the left and right tongue, the characters “Duan” and “Wu” are written respectively on the “Rice-character grids” (used in China mainland) and the “Nine-palace grids” (used in Taiwan), means the both sides of the Taiwan strait have same root, ancestors and culture.

The Dragon Boat Festival is not only the descendants traditional festival to commemorate the sages of Qu Yuan, but also in many Asian countries to retain heritage impact around the world. This day, the Chinese mainland and Taiwan will hold a grand dragon boat activities to celebrate.



“五月五,端阳日,划龙舟,吃粽子”,“端”有“初始”之意,“端五”即是“初五”,而按历法五月正是“午”月,“端五”也就演变成“端午”。这次,我延续先前的烙画工艺,配合描漆工艺,将“端午”呈现在New Balance HS77鞋款上,用以庆祝端午佳节。